Cosmetic Dentistry

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Many patients hear the phrase “cosmetic dentistry” and think only of aesthetic procedures. Although this type of dentistry can help improve the way your teeth look, it is also intended to offer patients a way to correct problems so their teeth function as they should. Although many patients can live with some of these common alignment or tooth shape problems, they find that cosmetic dentistry can give them more freedom and confidence.

Improving Past Patients with Modern Cosmetic Dentistry

Traditional and cosmetic dentistry has evolved quite a bit in the last few decades. As technology improves, dentists find themselves equipped with better methods, procedures and materials to offer their patient’s even better services. This also means the patient can see more appealing results when using modern techniques compared to those of the past. Cosmetic dentistry plays a strong role in all of this as well. Aside from having improved along with other types of dentistry, modern cosmetic procedures are sometimes used to correct the problems of the past.

Some procedures used different materials, such as metal or dark colored components. While this may look alright at first, over time the patient may start to notice these unsightly areas showing through more and more as regular wear impacts the shape and look of their teeth. For example, in the past a metal backing was often used to hold ceramic restorations in place. The metal backing would sometimes show through around the teeth, creating an unnatural appearance. Cosmetic dentistry can now correct this problem so patient’s can update their smiles and go back to looking pearly white and natural.

What Procedures Fall Under Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry covers quite a bit of ground. There are a number of procedures that fall under the umbrella of cosmetic dental care, including a few that are growing in popularity. One of the first many patients identify is the teeth whitening procedure. Dental companies have even produced home whitening kits that are available in many retail stores all over the world. Although the patient may see some results with a home kit, the cosmetic dentist offers the best and safest option that is well worth the price compared to an over the counter kit.

Invisalign braces are another cosmetic item that is available through cosmetic dentistry. This product is a clear retainer that works in place of standard metal braces. The patient can correct crooked teeth issues without having to wear unsightly and difficult to maintain metal brackets and wires. A third cosmetic dentistry procedure includes veneers. Veneers allow the dentist to close gaps and give the patient a fuller, healthier looking smile.