A Sparkling Smile

Your smile says a lot about you. Pacific Palisades and Los Angeles Dentist Dr. Carly LeVine expertly combines art & science to help you make your best impression.
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Pacific Palisades and Los Angeles Dentist

If you do not have an L.A. dentist, then it may be time to get out there and find a qualified professional. Living in the city of L.A. affords you many conveniences, including the luxury of having numerous dentists to choose from. Every patient should have a regular dentist that they see for both routine and non-routine visits. It is easy to brush off the need to go to the dentist when you are not experiencing tooth discomfort or pain, but it is vital that you avoid traveling this route. Regular visits to your Los Angeles dentist can make a world of difference in the long term health of your mouth.


"Dr. Carly gave me the most thorough exam I have ever had. She explained everything she was doing step by step and even let me see what was happening on camera. Thank you"

"Dr. Carly is a warm, caring and knowledgeable dentist. Her staff also is a pleasure. I would highly recommend Carly to anyone!"